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Michael McLean Opens Up About His 9-Year Faith Crisis and How He Found His Testimony Again

Posted by Testimony1 on December 12, 2016 at 10:05 AM

He affirms, “You’ll know when God answers you because it will be perfect and personal in every way.”

It’s Real

McLean’s experience with a faith crisis has given him deep compassion and a unique perspective that couldn’t have been developed any other way. But one of the greatest epiphanies he had, which still impacts him today, came from a memory of his deceased father:

“My father suffered from Alzheimer’s, so when he was asked to give a 17-minute talk at an Easter sacrament meeting, I was nervous he would go a little bit off track. In fact, I stood close by so I could come up and rescue him,” McLean recalls. “Every scripture, every reference, was about God the Father’s greatness, wisdom, and intelligence. And I was getting embarrassed because it was Easter Sunday, and he wasn’t talking about Jesus.”

But then, with two minutes left, McLean’s father surprised him by posing a series of profound questions. “My father said, ‘Isn’t it interesting that the Greatest Intelligence in the Universe abandoned His Son at the most pivotal moment in His plan? Could it be that it was at this moment that the Greatest Intelligence of All bore witness to the universe that He had put His faith in Jesus? That He knew Jesus would choose Him no matter what? And could it be that when you think He has abandoned you that He is actually saying, ‘I have faith you will choose me even when I’m not there’?”

And that is exactly how McLean overcame his faith crisis—by choosing God even when he felt abandoned by Him.

You’re Not Alone

Today, rather than being ashamed of his experience, McLean is using it to share a message of hope with others who might be struggling.

“John the Baptist, Joseph Smith, and even Christ himself have felt abandoned by God,” he says. “If any of us have ever felt abandoned and wondered where He is, then we’re in good company.”

McLean says songwriters really only write one song, and his is “You’re Not Alone.” Though the lyrics and melodies are always different, the message remains the same.

“Name one of my songs that, at its core, wasn’t trying to tell somebody, ‘This is what I went through. You’re not the only one who’s felt this way. You’re not the only one who’s scared. You’re not the only one who’s wondering if there’s a God in heaven who loves you. You’re not alone.’”

He adds, “I know what the darkness is like. He’s always there— even when we can’t see it.”

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