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Teresa Oosthuizen'S Testimony - Power of prayer and healing.

Posted by Testimony1 on November 21, 2016 at 1:10 PM

My name is Teresa Oosthuizen, here is my two testimonies combined into one, describing experiences I lived through where God saved my life TWICE in one day. TWICE! Was I worth it? He thought so...I was just a "normal" person not overly religious at the time, but thanks to my Daddy I had been taught to call on God when I needed Him!


On the 6th February 1981 I lost my first child due to a natural miscarriage. It was an extremely traumatic experience for me, seeing my dead baby on the bed next to me completely shattered my soul and I could not stop screaming, crying, and vomiting.


It got so bad that my brain seperated itself from my physical body in the sense that I could hear myself screaming and crying but I couldn't stop it or control it, almost as though it was someone else I was listening to...and yes, they moved me to the psychiatric ward and sedated me because my screaming was disturbing everyone, patients and staff were freaked out by it.


It took me days and days to finally be discharged from hospital and I walked around like a zombie for weeks, numb to what was going on around me...but God held me tightly in His precious arms and He slowly healed my soul and bit by bit my physical brain dealt with the trauma, although, honestly, I still haven't ever forgotten it.


Everything in my heart cries out to Him to please keep my precious child in Heaven with Him and please allow me to know my child when I leave this Earth, so I may share eternity with my child.


That thought is one of the thoughts that stirs my desire to be worthy of entering God's Holy Kingdom, the thought of being with my child, and I place all of my trust and all of my hope in God that He will grant me that right.


I was utterly devastated and believed God had punished me, I just couldn't figure out why? I believed I would never have a child, but the following year I was pregnant again.


I did everything (and more), to ensure that I carried my child to the best of my ability. I ate healthy, I took extra vitamins, I sat and relaxed most of the time, refraining from straining my body, and I prayed, prayed and prayed. I begged God to just allow me one child, please, to please not let my new baby die... And finally in December I brought my incredible first son into this world!


I praised God and thanked Him every minute of every day, I couldn't thank Him enough! I was a super-alert Mommy and if my baby might the slightest noise I checked if he was alright.


I was overwhelmed with the intense feeling that it was the Will of God that had blessed me by allowing me to have a living, breathing, healthy child that I could love and share my life with. Never before had I ever been so grateful for anything!


My son was just over six months old when my kidneys started straining. I was deadly sick, weak, shaky, swollen feet and in terrible pain so I went to see the local doctor, believing that my little old bed was giving me back pain, believing that my extremely swollen feet were from standing too long, believing that my puffy eyes were from watching too much television...


Dr Reynolds was very thorough, a fabulous doctor, a great but gentle man. He was horrified at what he saw and what I described, and he telephoned Parklands Hospital and spoke to their chief professor in the Urology Dept and said "I have an urgent case for you!"


I was listening, but only with half a heart, I was too tired, too weak, and worried about my son who was at home with his grandmother, he was asleep when I left but what if he woke up?


Doctor Reynolds called my husband one side and they were talking softly and then he came to me and said he wants me to go see his friend, another doctor...reluct


antly I agreed.


We arrived at Parklands Hospital and Doctor Tjaart Fourie attended to me immediately! He was extremely nice to me, and kept assuring me that everything was going to be okay, but I was too tired to care, I just wanted a prescription so I could go home to my son...


The nurse came and injected Iodine into the drip she had set up in my arm, and she said it was necessary so they could trace the flow of urine from my bladder to my kidneys.


Within seconds I felt my tongue swell up, my lips swell up, and my heart beat as though I had run a marathon, and then I suddenly struggled to breathe.


I sat upright, panic-stricken and a woman in the bed next to me started shouting for the nurse to come.


Doctor Fourie rushed in and immediately laid me down and called the nurse to hold my mouth open and pull my tongue out, while he charged out the room.


I struggled with the nurse, and secretly in my head I begged God "Don't let me die! Please don't let me die! My son needs me" and my fabulous doctor inserted something into my drip and he held onto my hands and said "Just relax, stop fighting..." And slowly my body started feeling "normal" again, although my swollen lips took a few days to reduce, but at least I could breathe again and so I quietly said "Thank You Lord, thank You!" And relaxed.


I was then wheeled into the x-ray section about half an hour later, after I had to drink what seemed like a bucket of water, and Doctor Fourie examined how the Iodine-water was passing through my body.


I was wheeled back out and said "Ok now please can I have my medicine, so I can go home? My baby is going to wake up any minute now..." But Doctor Fourie spoke softly to my husband, who looked very worried.


I remember thinking "That's the second time today that a doctor has whispered about me! Why does my husband have to know before me?"


I was quite irritated with the secrecy, but it is only years later that I realised that my GP must have warned Doctor Fourie about my breakdown with my miscarriage, so between both doctors they must have been concerned that I would not be "strong" enough to handle the truth?


Within half an hour I was rushed into theatre because xrays revealed only one kidney had ever worked, and was about to burst it was so swollen! Evidently I was born with a ureter on the one side and nothing on the other side, which would connect the kidneys to the bladder, and because of it only one kidney had ever done all the work and my two pregnancies had put excessive strain on it.


Doctor Fourie had apparently told my husband that my condition was fatal and that he would try save my life but he couldn't guarantee it because the damage to the working kiidney was extensive. Wow. No wonder they didn't want to tell me?


As I was being wheeled into theatre I heard Doctor Fourie tell the anaethetist that I am HIGHLY allergic to Iodine...I never knew that...what a way to find out!


I had a nine-hour operation to save my life. Doctor Fourie and his team implanted two plastic ureters into my body, one on each side, and he drained my right kidney and removed numerous cysts from it, then ran dialysis through my bloodstream and connected me to a heart monitor, which stayed in place for just over two weeks, with a catheter too, because obviously, being hooked up to all these machines I would have to stay flat on my back!


Naturally the last thing I remember was a prick in my wrist where they inserted a drip for the anaesthetic and the gas mask been put on my face, and as I slowly drifted off I remember asking God to look after me because I didn't want to die.


I have no clue at what point this hppened, how many hours after the operation, but I became aware that I was floating near the ceiling, looking down. Somebody was next to me, on the left side, but I did not turn to see who it was, I was just aware that I wasn't alone. I remember thinking "Wow what's that smell?" because the air was filled with such a beautiful soft sweet smell. I was calm and peaceful and had a feeling of being with someone I felt comfortable with, almost like you would if it was your best friend with you?


I remember looking down and what I saw was a private ward hospital room, with a doctor and three nurses all hovering around a bed, with the doctor checking whoever was in the bed and giving the nurses instructions, while he was fiddling with the machines. He appeared to be very worried about his patient.


I could see the patient had a catheter inserted because I remembered that I had one after my caesar to deliver my son. I remember wondering why the urine in it looked like very dark blood and wasn't yellow like normal urine.


I could see the patient had pipes coming from their abdomen that were hooked up to a machine.


I could see a drip stand next to the bed.


I could see the heart monitor beeping away and I clearly remember feeling a tremendous sympathy for whoever it was, and I reached out to whoever was next to me (floating above the bed) almost as though I wanted to tap them on the arm, and I said "Oh shame! That person is very sick! Look at all those machines and doctors and nurses!"


I felt huge compassion for the patient.


Then Doctor Fourie took a step back and turned to check one of the machines and in an instant I saw MY OWN FACE!


I was horrified!


"That's me!!!!" I said and within a split second I was back in my body and wide awake.


I was overcome with shock! I was in the same room! The same doctor and nurses were next to me! What the hell is going on???


It was then that I realised I may have died for a few minutes? My soul had left my body??? What??? Why???


For the next 21 days as I slowly recovered in hospital it was all I could think of!


My mind raced... Why? Why? Why? Why did God let me die and then bring me back?


Who was floating next to me???


I felt a stronge sense of awareness, a strong presence, the first few days after the operation. It was quite creepy at first, little scary, that feeling of being watched but at the same time also pleasant, almost like having a bodyguard next to you all the time. I slowly got used to it and after about a week I said out loud "OK thank you for being with me but I am fine now!"


Almost immediately a tremendous feeling of love and peace filled my heart and I knew "it" had heard me and was leaving me, job done, almost as if "it" had waited for me to give the instruction?


I still wonder, was it my guardian angel? Or the Holy Spirit? Or Jesus himself? I have no idea but I know it was a peaceful loving caring being, I know without a doubt it was sent by God Himself, my prayer was to not let me die, and He answered my prayer!


My husband and in-laws mocked me, said it was the anaesthetic, I even had a friend desperately try convince me of the scientific evidence against it being God, and I even had one of my own relatives tell me I should go on anti-depressant


s... What??? Wow. Testifying as to the power of God certainly brought me great shame and humiliation? But I didn't care! The truth is the truth!


At first I felt ashamed and confused, worried that perhaps I was going nuts? so I went to the church and prayed.


While I was praying the priest noticed I was deeply troubled by something and he asked me what it was. He was a gentle loving old priest, his eyes could almost see right through you. I was embarrassed to tell him and at first I kept making excuses but then finally plucked up the courage.


After telling him my story, he had tears in his eyes and he said, "Child, today God extended your life as an extreme blessing to you, and today He strengthened your faith in the soul's ability to live after the body dies, sin no more, because God has given you more than many people ever get! Go onto your knees, praise Him!"


And I did! And I still try to remember that. A very strong deeply religious man who devoted his whole life to God had told me that God revealed an incredible truth to me!


I am still human, still a sinner desperate to be worthy, but my faith has grown into an unshakeable faith!


I had prayed when I was sick and on the way to the doctor I had the strong urge to beg God to heal me because my baby needed me. I never imagined I would need a huge operation! I expected antibiotics but instead I got a theatre!


The power of prayer!


He spared my life, twice in one day, first with the Iodine reaction and then with the operation. He healed me, and because I had put all my trust in Him, He gave me an added bonus of ensuring that I believe in the afterlife, not only by allowing me to feel what it feels like when your soul leaves your body, but also by allowing me to feel the presence of a Holy being staying with me and looking after me while I was recovering!


My son is the most wonderful son ever, a quiet, peaceful, loving soul, and I often look at him and think that God gave him a beautiful soul because he would be my firstborn who replaced my extreme trauma of miscarriage, an exceptional blessing in my life! Never a day goes by that I don't pray to God to say Thank You for all my children.


I would always sneer at "out-of-body" experiences and say yeah right, even though as a child I was taught in life after death, because I always thought people were exaggerating, trying to attract attention, etc.


Until it happened to me.


From that day onwards I fully totally completely believe the soul DOES live on, even if the body dies! And that extreme realisation is EXACTLY what my soul needed, not only to calm my lifelong skepticism, but definitely to prepare me for my NEXT son!

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