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Ijeoma's Testimony - Deliverance from spiritual spouse.

Posted by Testimony1 on August 5, 2015 at 4:10 PM

The clock struck midnight. The unholy hour had arrived. Rudely awoken, Ijeoma had no voice of her own to complain or condemn. At the tender age of seven, she was about to be a victim of forced marriage. Taken to a local river, the site of the dirty ‘ceremony’ about to unfold, a sense of foreboding was palpable. This was the beginning of the end. But where was the groom? Who would be so loathsome enough to take an innocent little girl as a wife? Dunked into the water, she was told to prepare for married life. The only snag in this wicked covenant? Her husband had no blood or flesh; he lived in the water.

Brought up in a home where idol-worship was the norm, Ijeoma Ebom was accustomed to the unusual antics of her mother. But when she was awoken at midnight, alongside all her other siblings, nothing could prepare the young girl for what was about to happen. A covenant in a river to a ‘spiritual husband’ signaled the start of a life driven by demonic attacks and spiritual bondage.

Ever since that initial ‘initiation’, Ijeoma began having strange encounter, oftentimes seeing herself having sexual encounters with snakes and witnessing strange apparitions in her bedroom at night. An early marriage did nothing to quell the strange forces at work; in fact, they only seemed to enrage them.

Her marriage was filled with sorrow and strife as the ‘spiritual husband’ reacted angrily to the intrusion of her physical spouse, using every spiritual weapon at its disposal to ensure the marriage split. But Mr Princewill flatly refused. Various spiritualists insisted he was the cause of her unnatural sickness, even going as far as accusing him of using Ijeoma for a money ritual. The duo could barely sleep in the same room, talk less of eating from the same table. All the maternal responsibilities that Ijeoma ordinarily should have taken up were thrust upon her husband and their four children barely knew their mother.

Princewill had only heard unsavory rumors about The SCOAN, convinced Prophet T.B. Joshua was using demonic powers and never mentioned the name of Jesus in his ministry. An ‘accidental’ discovery of Emmanuel TV changed that jaundiced impression and the man the couple once considered heretical suddenly became their source of inspiration in the home. Eventually resolving to seek God’s face at The SCOAN, Ijeoma received her deliverance last week on Sunday when the Morning Water was ministered to her. It was an emotional moment for the family as a tortuous journey spanning almost 40 years finally came to an end. Testifying, husband and children were unanimous – Ijeoma had COMPLETELY changed! The family had been able to spend quality time together for the first time in decades, depression had been replaced by happiness and the once daily nocturnal attacks were a thing of the past! Thank You, Jesus Christ!

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